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Dog Trainig Basic Obedience Service Dogs
From basic obedience to American Kennel Club CGC Certification, South Texas Service Dogs will work close with you and your dog to achieve success.

Good communication is key!

We not only train your dog, we also help you better understand your dog's body language and the body language you present to your dog.


Often times dog owners feel as if their dogs are not listening to them. They give in to allowing their dog to roam free in their homes and then wonder why they struggle teaching the dog the most remedial commands. 

Drive, Command, Marking, Timing, Reward/Praise 

One of, if not the most important factors in training your dog is:

What drives your dog to not just get excited but to work for you? Food/treats, toys, affection, verbal/physical praise? We'll find your dog's drive to obey commands while teaching you the importance and proper use of marking, timing and reward/praise.

Loose Leash and Off Leash

Our goal is giving you a confident, patient, non aggressive, obedient dog that you could trust to not pull while on a leash, not run away when off leash while ignoring distractions/triggers.



TUESDAY 5:00pm



Private Lessons Available Upon Request

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